Private sector and business development

We have extensive experience in supporting the growth of the private sector. Our work is delivered through support to the development of business strategies for the setting up of a competitive investment climate, business cluster development, doing business reforms and conducting research and surveys. We also help in the design of programmes and implementation support. We have worked on multiple contracts with TMEA to support the capacity development of its private sector and civil society partner organisations to boost their capacity to effectively manage grants and implement their projects. We have also done work to support TMEA in enhancing private sector growth on economic growth hub projects in Tanzania and Rwanda. We also have the capacity to work with individual firms in developing their strategic and business plans. This involves helping them forecast key business metrics relevant to their sector and facilitating the process towards the development of their strategic and business plans.

We also offer a whole range of business development support services in liaison with our sister company which include business planning including market analysis and competitor assessment; organisation management systems development, audit and review; financial management including planning, forecasting and reporting; bookkeeping, internal audit, records administration and management; and company secretarial services, tax compliance and statutory returns. We have a track record of delivering these services for start-ups and small businesses in Zimbabwe and the Eastern and Southern Africa region. Our experts also have knowledge of the architecture of financial markets and instruments available for development finance in Africa.