Institutional capacity building

We have vast experience of undertaking organisational development work covering public, private and civil society organisations. We have provided coaching and mentoring support to senior executives, led change management initiatives and developed multi-year strategies and operational plans. Our experts combine detailed knowledge of and direct practical experience in reviewing and developing organisation management systems, training, workshop facilitation, provision of mentoring support and leading major change processes. On multiple contracts with TradeMark East Africa over a period spanning seven years, we have supported the institutional capacity building of more than twelve national and regional civil society and private sector grantee organisations in Uganda and Kenya. Under an indefinite quality contract with PACT Zimbabwe we provided support to institutional capacity building and design and development of organisation management systems for 15 partner NGO’s working in HIV/AIDS sector. We developed a wide range of operational manuals and organisation management systems and provided training covering the following:

  • Accounting and financial management;
  • Procurement;
  • Human resources management;
  • Internal audit and risk management;
  • Information management; and
  • Fundraising strategies.

We provide advice on restructuring for organisations to improve service delivery and management accountability, we produce job descriptions for positions in client organisations, we design and implement performance management systems and provided training on the new organisation management systems. We take a very holistic view of institutional capacity building and bring to bear a broad suite of interventions that support organisational growth and effectiveness and enable organisations to deliver their mandates and achieve good value for money for their stakeholders. Training is imbedded in our capacity building interventions and our experience of working with a large number of organisations reveals that what makes organisations falter is not so much because they lack technical competency but it is because they have weak organisation management systems and practices that detract from their ability to attract and retain suitable talent and to efficiently manage their resources thus placing the organisation in fiduciary and operational jeopardy.